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Forget About DIY Water Quality Testing-Trust Our Accurate Results

We serve clients in Boyne City, Michigan, Petoskey, Michigan and surrounding areas

Unless you get professional radon testing, you wouldn’t know if your Boyne City, MI property had elevated radon levels. Don’t risk it-call Smith & Co. LLC right away to inspect your property.

We’ll send samples to the Health Department of Northern Michigan, where they’ll perform a series of water quality tests. Within three days, you’ll learn if there are any harmful contaminants in your water, including E. coli and chloroform.

Call 231-675-6899 today to start the process.


If you want to…

  • Save time and money on professional water testing
  • Receive accurate results within three days
  • Avoid the health risks of contaminated water

… then it’s a smart idea to test your water quality. Contact Smith & Co. today to learn more about water quality testing in Boyne City, MI.

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