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Hire the Home Inspector Your Neighbors Trust

Boyne City, Michigan and Petoskey, Michigan Residents rely on us for their home inspections

Are you buying a home in the Boyne City, MI area? It’s a smart idea to inspect it before finalizing the transaction. Home inspections can uncover defects that neither the real estate agent nor homeowner knew about. Do yourself a favor by hiring Smith & Co. LLC to inspect the property.

When we conduct home inspections, our certified inspector looks for flaws in a home's...

  • Structural components, including the foundation and exterior walls
  • Electrical components, including the main service panel and wiring
  • Plumbing components, including gas and water lines
  • HVAC components, including ductwork

You won’t have to wait around for your home inspection report. Smith & Co. clients can access digital copies on Discover Horizon within a day.

You can then use the findings to negotiate better terms with the homebuyer or seller.

Call 231-675-6899 today to make an appointment.


In addition to general home inspections, Smith & Co. conducts log home and roof inspections, as well as radon, mold and water quality testing in the Boyne City, MI area. We’ll save you time and money while giving you peace of mind about your property’s condition.

Our radon, mold and roof inspections are affordable. Contact us today for pricing information.

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