Do Your Due Diligence When Purchasing Commercial Property

Call the pros in Boyne City, Michigan and Petoskey, Michigan I -we specialize in commercial inspections

You wouldn't want to discover foundation cracks after you've finalized your transaction. That's why you should hire a building inspector to examine your property from foundation to roof. Boyne City, MI and Charlevoix County, Michigan residents choose Smith & Co. LLC because we provide thorough building inspections.

We inspect buildings up to 20,000 square feet, including new construction and existing commercial properties. Call 231-675-6899 today to make an appointment.

FAQ about our commercial inspection services

FAQ about our commercial inspection services

Make sure you're hiring a professional who has years of experience conducting commercial inspections. Consider asking the following questions in your research:

  • When do your clients receive their building inspections reports? Smith & Co. clients can view digital copies of their inspection reports within 24 hours.
  • What's included in your commercial inspections? We'll inspect your structural, electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems.
  • Do you offer additional inspection services? Yes. We offer radon, mold and water quality testing, as well as roof and log home inspections.
Smith & Co. serves business owners within 20 miles of Boyne City, Michigan and Charlevoix County, Michigan. Contact us today to make an appointment.